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Casey Johnson just "died" Ugh, what are all these sacrifices for the year 2012? Look in the list, one commentator wrote of only a few weeks 01/14-Ricardo Montalban 02/06-James Whitmore 02/28-Paul Harvey Richardson 03/18-Natasha 04/25-Beatrice 05/01-Danny Arthur Gans 2005 / 04-Dom DeLuise 05/18-Dolla 05/31-Millvina 06/03-David Carradine Dean Taylor 06/03-Koko 06/23-Ed McMahon 06/25-Farrah Fawcett 06/25-Michael Jackson 06/28- Billy Mays 07/01-Karl Malden 07/04-Steve McNair 07/06-Oscar G. Mayer, Jr.07/17-Walter Cronkite 07/21-Gidget the Taco Bell Dog 08/06-John Hughes 08/11-Eunice Kennedy Shriver 08/13-Les Paul Fiore 08/15-Jasmine 08/18-Robert Novak 08/19- Don Hewitt 08/23-Ryan Jenkins 08/25-Ted Kennedy 08/26-Dominick Dunne 08/28-DJ AM 09/11-Jimmy Carroll Swayze 09/14-Patrick 09/14-Henry Gibson 09/16-Mary Travers 09/24-Susan Atkins 10/10-Stephen Gately 10/13-Al Martino 10/14-Lou Albano 10/19-Joseph Wiseman 10/22-Soupy Sales 10/23-Shiloh Pepin 10/30-Claude Levi-Strauss 11/03-Carl Ballantine11/10-John Allen Muhammad 11/15-Ken upper 12/02-Maggie Jones 12/04-Umaga 12/15-Oral Roberts 12/16-Roy E. Disney 12/17-Chris Henry 12/17-Jennifer JonesMonday , 4 January 2010 The Final Satanic Celebrity Big Brother, the last year of the monstrosity that was Big Brother is a cause for celebration. The media controller Illuminist certainly use it to their beliefs through ritual and symbolism Luciferian open party, it is the last year so why should they not go all with theirSymbolism


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