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THE LION cub from Harrods 4 / 5

reupload,,, b. .. "Christian was a lion originally by Australian John Rendall and Anthony bought 'Ace' Bourke from Harrods department store in London in 1969 and finally to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. A year after George Adamson released Christian wild about the decision, his former owner to look to check on him, whether Christian, she would remember. Surprisingly, he did, and with him were two lionesses, which accepts men as well. Christ isoriginally from Harrods of the now defunct Park Zoo acquired in Ilfracombe. Rendall remember later because the store liked the young animal that had escaped from his cage one night and destroyed the goods in the carpet department to sell. Rendall and Bourke bought for 250 guineas.Rendall Dieter and Christian Bourke, together with her friends Jennifer Mary and Unity Jones Taylor, of the Lion, where she lived in London until he was a year old taken care of. As he got bigger, the menChristian pulled her furniture store – coincidentally named Sophistocat – where were living in the basement set aside for him. Rendall and Bourke was given permission by a local priest to practice in a church cemetery, Christian, and the men also took the lion on day trips to the sea. Christian growing size and rising costs Kaka sausage out of his care to understand Rendall and Bourke, they could not keep him in London. [When Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, starsThe film


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