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Pat Travers Band – Rock 'n' Roll Suzie – Feelin 'Right (live 1977)

Live from Queen Mary Colege, London 1977. Pat Travers: Lead Vocals & Guitar Mick Dyche: Guitar Peter "Mars" Cowling: Bass Clive Edwards: Drums & Percussion BBC – Rock Goes To College. A small group, but in the finest quality BBC tradition, from one of those caught in Concert recordings for radio. In this case, it is the first part of a special that even the band Lone Star. The show was recorded at Queen Mary College in London, just before the Makin 'Magic Release.


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Chim Chim Cher-ee (Chim Chimney) of Jazz Piano Amateur Mark Chang

Pro Sound VERSION! Recorded 14th May 2009 in El Dorado Hills, CA. Pianist Mark Chang. This is my interpretation of the improvised classical Sherman Bros. tune. Hope you enjoy it. Recorded with a stereo pair of condenser microphones, and large Helpinstill magnetic induction pickup on the bass strings. This is the highest quality piano recording setup I have ever built. Compare hear the audio on my old videos on the difference. Please comment. Song Information: "Chim Chim Cher-ee" is the OscarWinning song from Mary Poppins, the 1964 musical film. It was originally sung by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke. "Chim Chim Cher-ee" is also prominent in the award-winning Cameron Mackintosh / Disney musical with the same name, presented in London at the Prince Edward Theatre premiered in 2004. Mary Poppins premiered on Broadway at 16th November 2006. The song is sung in the Mary Poppins scene from The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. In 2005, JulieAndrews back the song for her album "Julie Andrews Selects your favorite Disney songs." The song was created by Robert B. Sherman & Richard M. Sherman (The Sherman Brothers "), which also won an Oscar and a Grammy for" Mary Poppins "song written score. The Mary Poppins score is one of the best-selling consistently scores of all time. The song was one of the drawings that inspired a chimney sweep from Mary Poppins' screenwriter Don Dagradi. To the question asked after the drawing by the ShermanBrothers

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Sunday Night at the London Palladium 26-9-65 Part 2

This second part, Peter, Paul and Mary singing on the stage

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Peter, Paul & Mary Live [4], Where the flowers gone?

Peter, Paul & Mary – Where Have All The Flowers Gone, Live in Japan 1990 Re-upload-Version (Stereo) โ†“ โ†“ โ†“

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Peter, Paul & Mary – If I Had a Hammer

PLEASE NOTE: I upload my shared between several channels bookmark this link into your browser instant access to an index of links to all John1948's Oldies Classics. LINK: was Peter, Paul and Mary a folk-singing group brought by manager Albert Grossman, the gal us to a "folk-pop super group" from a tall blonde, a handsome guy was made form, and a joker. Their first concert in 1961 was received in New York's Bitter End coffee house, which was very good.Within a year, had Peter, Paul and Mary released their debut (self-titled) album with Pete Seeger and songs like "If I Had a Hammer" "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" By 1963 the group had made three albums, including one of her biggest hits, "Puff the Magic Dragon". They performed at the 1963 March on Washington (where Martin Luther King, Jr., his famous I Have a Dream speech. Your recording of Bob Dylan's "Blowin in the Wind" was the fastest selling album ever releasedWarner Brothers Records, the trio landed at the head of the civil rights movement and peace movement. To 1970 but the group had broken up, so that members could pursue their own solo career to. They have since reunited several times for select concert dates. Mary Travers was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005, and received a bone marrow transplant in the fall of that year. Peter, Paul and Mary continued their reunion tour in the fall of 2005, and to this day tour.

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8 Tips for Writing Great Lyrics

Anyone can write good song lyrics. Sometimes I find myself whistling or humming catchy words that linger in my head. Other times can I write down a few verses that could be easily converted into text. Experts from the fields of music, song writing and psychology all agree, this spontaneous childhood room is where the most creative ideas are born. Sometimes our best work only happens when we no expectations.

Take the song "Puff The Magic Dragon". It began asa poem by Leonard Lipton wrote. While at Cornell Lipton was a friend with a roommate of Peter Yarrow. In 1959 he wrote a poem about Jackie Paper, who called plays with his imaginary dragon named Puff in a village at sea Honalee. Although Lipton forgot the poem was Yarrow put it and it comes to music. Yarrow began the song with his friends Paul Stookey and Mary Travers and the rest is history.

Although spontaneity is a good starting point for poetry,Most professionals follow a few basic rules.

# 1 Make The storyline Consistent: grow "In Puff The Magic Dragon", Jackie Paper, loses interest in his imaginary friend, "unfortunately slipped into his cave." If Lipton had his poem talks about why he likes to golf to tennis ended, for example, the story would have fallen apart and probably caught the eye of Peter Yarrow.

# 2 is a catchy title: Choose a title that not only the framework for your story, but has a catchySound on it. A few good songs that come to mind are: Emotions, White Christmas, a dollar in my jeans, lady, Lady Lay, El Paso, I love how you love me, until it's time for you to go, fever, Suspicious Minds, My
Way. . . the list goes on.

# 3 Use a well-defined rhyming scheme: Songwriters often talk about texts in terms of AB AB AA BB or any other form. What they mean is that the last word in certain lines of rhythm. Take a look at the lyrics to "Puff the Magic Dragon". In thefirst row, matched Lipton "sea" with "Honah-Lee" on the A line and "Puff" and "things" on the B line. This pattern is pleasing to the ear. [For a more detailed discussion of poetic forms, in every good book to take on the songwriting.]

# 4 Using internal rhythms as long as they do not break the story line: An inner rhythm is simple rhyming words in the middle and the last word of the line. Although this line makes it interesting and pleasing to the ear, an error early Songwriteroften with an internal rhythm, the importance of power

not exactly on the action.

Listener # 5 Repeat certain words Hook: The concept of the "hook" is used in songs, stories, books, plays and films plot. It is a word or two or theme idea that grabs the listener or viewer's attention and is repeated over the course of work. In songs, the hook is often found in the title. Check out the song "Feelings" by Morris Albert. How often does theWord "feelings" appear in the title and text?

# 6 Learn From The Masters: Browse through song books from your local music store or some of the public library. You can bet on great songwriters as Lennon and McCartney, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Paul Simon and Bob Dylan to incorporate these rules into their songs, or choose cancel to be aware because they have mastered the basic principles of lyric writing.

# 7 confirm with people at your same or better level of difficulty:There is a reason why many of the world have been the most memorable songs by songwriter team wrote. The advent of the World Wide Web, it just has to meet and share ideas and projects with individuals and groups to join, as the Nashville Songwriters Association of America.

# 8 Be original, have fun and Keep On Writing!

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THE LION cub from Harrods 4 / 5

reupload,,, b. .. "Christian was a lion originally by Australian John Rendall and Anthony bought 'Ace' Bourke from Harrods department store in London in 1969 and finally to the African wild by conservationist George Adamson. A year after George Adamson released Christian wild about the decision, his former owner to look to check on him, whether Christian, she would remember. Surprisingly, he did, and with him were two lionesses, which accepts men as well. Christ isoriginally from Harrods of the now defunct Park Zoo acquired in Ilfracombe. Rendall remember later because the store liked the young animal that had escaped from his cage one night and destroyed the goods in the carpet department to sell. Rendall and Bourke bought for 250 guineas.Rendall Dieter and Christian Bourke, together with her friends Jennifer Mary and Unity Jones Taylor, of the Lion, where she lived in London until he was a year old taken care of. As he got bigger, the menChristian pulled her furniture store – coincidentally named Sophistocat – where were living in the basement set aside for him. Rendall and Bourke was given permission by a local priest to practice in a church cemetery, Christian, and the men also took the lion on day trips to the sea. Christian growing size and rising costs Kaka sausage out of his care to understand Rendall and Bourke, they could not keep him in London. [When Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna, starsThe film

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Folk (piano theme) My (original) Tribute to Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary rec at Gramma `s Den

Hello! , All!, This is my own original (s) of My Piano Styles Part 1 Tribute to Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary.on my "02", Yamaha YDP 113 Piano dig. I always played these songs on Home Care for My Mom & many other residents are ….. I have been wanting to get some piano stylings of my own on YT You Tube for a long long time, "time", and now here they are from Grama's hope the ego, you `ll want to! & I, m sure you:) I, m just playing kind of "Freestyle", & Add improvisation, (my repeated notesStyle from left to right and play together) of the lows, mids and highs, etc. and my own rhythmic style. I like to do too much !……. Sun !….. You know …..!!!!!! "Live …. be …. beautiful! &:) "Peace". to all!. Puff the Magic Dragon, Autumn to May, Early One Morning, Don `t Think Twice, It's Alright, Where have All The Flowers Gone (fin & same in Part 2) video. this song. My immediate family!, & Or relatives!, I guess! Your opinion! etc., but opinions are not onlyWay through You Tube YT friends! YT & Family! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Good) of course, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ The Staff & YT! .!) Oh, the noise, start at the 48 secs mark to about 53 seconds my rock collection to the ground is covered. My very 1st 45 U `s were Stewball & Autumn to May. & My very 1st per LP, I was given was at 15, and it was Peter, Paul & Mary & their 1st LP ever in the autumn of 1962, be recorded on the title page in NYC, I think the image of "The Bitter End". Cafe and the famous "StoneWall

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Sue Graves – "I'm Leaving On A Jetplane"

Sue play a tribute to Mary Travers in the Twickenham Folk Club on 27 September 2009

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Scott Shannon's Rockin 'America Top 30 Countdown – Fall 1987

Here is something I put together on audio cassette in 1994. It is a short clip from vinyl copies I have of "Scott Shannon's Rockin 'America Top 30 Countdown" from September and October 1987. It offers a nice way of insight into radio weekend time to remember for those of us.

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