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IF I had some grammar – Jim Terr apology if I had a hammer

Grammar error parody of Peter Paul and Mary's "If I Had a Hammer." What more can I say? Inspired by the look of old PP & M songs after the death of Mary Travers. God bless her to rest – in peace. Grammar, usage, diction, diagramming sentences – whatever – much of it is just common sense. Watch out for a sequel, because I missed a few. Dedicated to people everywhere language. To enter all Jim Terr YouTube videos in search HYMIEHYMIE line. Jim Terr website (free Creative) Lyrics (c) 2009 Jim Terr If I had some grammar, Id hammer between the morning all the way to evening, all Id like Hey, Im hammers! I could care less about justice, or in respect of the freedom – Id was only about Hammerin out of love, between my brother and I, Allll over this land. If I have a grammar person, Id cried more often and tried to not soften what I need to understand for you. – But what was, is, like I was self me as escapism onsteeeroids, try The universe is like, Im psyched, hammering out love everything about this country oooohhh. When I click on my grammar, by whom I would teach if he or she could reach me, Id say pretty well. – Theres a few people to whom I spoke, theyd be all like Whoo Whoo Whoo The guy he is talking about would be so nice to talk about what its price, cost, to teach me, right? Whooo


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