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Peter Paul and Mary, Mary Travers, and if I die

Peter Paul and Mary, Mary Travers, and if I die


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Donovan sings four songs (Live, 1969)

He sings solo: "I can not laugh here," "Children's Thoughts" and "Little White Flowers". Then he sings with Mary Travers and Jennifer Warnes on "To Love Me (Lassie Lay Down)".

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The Kid (PP & M Cover)

Playing Peter, Paul and Mary music together since 1968, we hope Heartstream, born in Japan, four of us, really, to prove that "music speaks louder than words across borders." Live at "Back In Town" in Tokyo 18th April 2009. Please visit our website for more live performance videos.

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fragmento de la obra de Teatro musical basada en los libros de la película y en PL Travers de Disney, Mary Poppins, una de las canciones de Disney interpretada por mas archiconocidas Colegiales CM del Elías Ahuja y Vedruna.

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The Real Mary Poppins PL Travers – Part 3 of 6

A documentary about PL Travers, author / creator of Mary Poppins

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Prisoner Cell Block H Minisode 23

Towatch more episodes of Prisoner Cell Block H, you can order a DVD set here: The audience introduction to the world of Wentworth Detention Centre involved the arrival of two new prisoners, Karen Travers (Peta Toppano) and Lynn Warner (Kerry Armstrong). Travers had been indicted for the murder of her husband, while Warner protested their innocence, after he condemned the kidnapping and attempted murder of a child. Both women are the maximum security prison wing (H Block) is sentwhere they are horrified by their new environment. Karen finds himself face-to-face with a former lover, a prison doctor Greg Miller (Barry Quin), and is sexually harassed by her violent, bullying lesbian cellmates, Franky Doyle (Carol Burns). Lynn finds himself ostracized by the other prisoners because of their crime (prison inmates are known for their intolerance for criminals who commit crimes against children) and is terrorized by the prison top dog, the self-styled Queen Bea Smith(Val Lehman), who accidentally burns her hand in the laundry steam press in one of the most iconic scenes series. The other prisoners are rather less volatile, the elderly, including people, garden-loving mother Jeanette Brooks (Mary Ward), a bickering "Comic Relief" Double Act with teddy-clutching misfit Doreen Anderson (Colette Mann) and old lag Lizzie Birds Worth (Sheila Florance), and seductive prostitute Marilyn Mason (Margaret Laurence), the electrician Eddie Cook (Richard Moir) attracts the amorous

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Ring of Bright Water PART 7

Who said dog is man's best friend never met Mij! Mij is a cute, cuddly otters shop that captures the heart of Graham Merill (Bill Travers). It does not take long to recognize Graham, that London is no place to raise is a smooth otters. So he takes Mij to live in a ramshackle hut on the coast of Scotland. Together they set out on the curious and magnificent natural beauty, surrounded by the sea exploring their home – from orphaned geese to tooth-less sharks. While Mij spends his days rompin the freezing cold sea, Graham finds himself in love with the beautiful town doctor, Mary (Virginia McKenna). Before long, the three become inseparable friends.

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It is a wonderful film

It's A Wonderful Life (1946) began as a short story called "The Greatest Gift". Philip Van Doren Stern writer could sell it to a publisher, he sent the story as a long Christmas card to friends. His agent subsequently sold the fable to images, where it went through several transformations RKO. In a convincing version of a losing political candidate, suicidal thoughts, only an angel to him to stay and do good works. Finally fell into the hands of the DirectorFrank Capra who cried when he read it, said it was the story he had long searched for his whole life, and it bought its first project for his new production company, Liberty Films are.

To play the unassuming savings and loan clerk, Capra wanted Jimmy Stewart who he previously worked with you had in your Can not Take It With You (1938) and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington (1939). But back from the Second World War, which was 37 years old Stewart is no longer the easy going man, he had liverwas in the thirties. The former Oscar winner for The Philadelphia Story (1940) had a man in bomb attacks in the European theater of war resulted in severe B-24s to maneuver. The loud engines damaged his hearing, to be welcomed in later years the people if the people he would and he would not respond, some would mistake his deafness for a cold personality. He was uncertain after five years away from the screen when he wanted to be in the movies. Sometimes, the profession seemed tohumiliating. In 1943, when Stewart had tried to stay in the best hotel in Madrid, he was gone because he was an actor on. He went back into the Air Force Base, got his colonel's uniform and then they let him in.

When he returned to Southern California in 1945, Stewart took things easy. He refused to sign it again with his old studio MGM, despite tearful requests so from the hammy Louis B. Mayer to do. He was content to spend time with kite flying and building model planes with HenryFonda. When Capra to make his pitch Stewart looked bored, came out of it, what to lose the director, the confidence. "Well Jim, it will be a savings and loan clerk to commit suicide's. There is an angel named Clarence who shows him what life would have been him … aw forget it's a stupid idea without the . Capra turned out if Stewart's hand on his shoulder. "Frank, if you want me, I'm your man." At least that's how the film tells journalists it.

Stewartwas morose and insecure as filming began. Then he went off to serve, Hollywood had found new leading men like Kirk Douglas and Gregory Peck, who was seven years younger than him. Some scenes for the now graying actor called still be in high school. He felt ridiculous, and as plastic surgery. But he was strongly influenced by his co-star Donna Reed who encouraged him helped while. In the romantic scene where George (Stewart) and Mary (Reed) declared their love for each other,Capra joked that Stewart so nervous he wrapped a phone chord around her book, that he had not run away. James had been restricted by the film's villain Lionel Barrymore, the wheelchair because of crippling arthritis helped. "Cheer up son, I want you. Do not you know you make people happier than a movie star than you ever shoot at them in a plane."

In the 1930s, Capra worked at Columbia Pictures had, which was ruled by the autocratic Harry Cohn, the commonest long as theMan in Hollywood. The Mogul kept the entire studio tapped a huge portrait of Mussolini displayed in his office, and used an electrified chair to give unsuspecting victims of sudden jolts. Capra had once sat was a shock and anger smashed the chair to bits. When the shooting began, the A's Wonderful Life, Capra was happy to be free of Cohn, but nervous. Now his own money was part of the investment. Known to work for making movie sets fun places, he was at firstgrumpy and irritable with his cast and crew. The shooting has not help a snowy Christmas movie in over a hundred degree heat in Encino morality. Many of the tightening force is powerless actors. But there were nice moments. One scene required Mary to throw a stone through the window an old manor house and do something. Capra had a marksman ready behind the camera, but to his delight Reed smashed the glass on her own. She turned to him and said: "Why so surprised Do not you think an Iowa farm girl wouldKnow how to play baseball? "

As the shoot progressed Capra back his confidence. He scorned special effects when Clarence Oddbody the angel (Henry Travers) has its magic, my face by telling his actors. The director began to believe he made the greatest film of all time. When his mood brightened the Company enjoyed picnics and singing on the set, the hallmarks of Capra's earlier films were.

Too dark, the country wanted comedy like Dean Martinand Jerry Lewis. Too dated, Wonderful Life came down like a depression film rather than a post-war film. For whatever reason the three million-dollar production against their money back. Capra chose to fold his tent shortly after the film's release Liberty Films, "The fastest way to go broke a man ever devised." Stewart panic. The ex-war hero got a call from his agent. "Donna Reed loved working with you. If you want to do it again." "No way. The girl isbewitched. "June Allyson became his leading lady of choice playing his wife five times. Decades later he would praise the performance of a confused Donna Reed for making Wonderful Life great." My God, "she told her friends." He did not say for sure 't that when it came out. "

Years passed. From that point on Capra not willing to establish what risk his own money or work for someone else, very few films. Stewart decided to present a stronger image on the screen. He refused to play in war moviessaid they were unrealistic, choosing instead hard and brittle as Western The Man From Laramie (1954), which helped make him rich and surpass John Wayne as the nation's number one box office star. Reed back her career by winning an Academy Award for playing a prostitute in From Here To Eternity (1953) and then became one of television most healthy mothers. And It's A Wonderful Life fell into the public domain in 1973, renewed, because no one is protected by copyright. The film has been forgottenrepeated on almost every cable-TV channel showed a large number of spectators was at length, and a perennial Christmas Classic.

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Mike Simpson – If I Had A Hammer (Mary Travers Tribute) (South Bay Folks)

Mike Simpson leads the South Bay Folks Mary Travers in a tribute to one of their signature songs from Peter, Paul and Mary, "If I had a Hammer" at the Mission City Coffee, Santa Clara, CA 17/9/2009.

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IF I had some grammar – Jim Terr apology if I had a hammer

Grammar error parody of Peter Paul and Mary's "If I Had a Hammer." What more can I say? Inspired by the look of old PP & M songs after the death of Mary Travers. God bless her to rest – in peace. Grammar, usage, diction, diagramming sentences – whatever – much of it is just common sense. Watch out for a sequel, because I missed a few. Dedicated to people everywhere language. To enter all Jim Terr YouTube videos in search HYMIEHYMIE line. Jim Terr website (free Creative) Lyrics (c) 2009 Jim Terr If I had some grammar, Id hammer between the morning all the way to evening, all Id like Hey, Im hammers! I could care less about justice, or in respect of the freedom – Id was only about Hammerin out of love, between my brother and I, Allll over this land. If I have a grammar person, Id cried more often and tried to not soften what I need to understand for you. – But what was, is, like I was self me as escapism onsteeeroids, try The universe is like, Im psyched, hammering out love everything about this country oooohhh. When I click on my grammar, by whom I would teach if he or she could reach me, Id say pretty well. – Theres a few people to whom I spoke, theyd be all like Whoo Whoo Whoo The guy he is talking about would be so nice to talk about what its price, cost, to teach me, right? Whooo

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