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Black saddle client Peter Warren Part 1 of 3

A much loved and respected old woman dead in her burned home. Automatic accused Peter Warren, who has always made it very clear that he was only interested in the old woman's money. The fact that hs is currently estranged from his wife does not help his case any. A man named Lee Coogan, but Peter is convinced is guilty. Without evidence, it is released Peter and he tries to talk his wife into returning to him. Finally, Clay and Lee Colhune return to the scene of the crime toAgainst overwhelming evidence – and find it. It is a case of "Who Done It" which you can guess at the very end holds! Actually, I was really shocked at the result! I thought I knew who had done it, and it was not who done it! Peter Breck as Clay Colhane Russell Johnson as Marshal Gib Scott Nora Travers as Anna-Lisa John Lupton, as Peter Warren Ed Nelson Lee Coogan as Aneta Corsaut as Mary Warren J. Pat O'Malley as Judge Caleb Marsh Sara Taft as Priscilla Hayes Larkin Ford as a prosecutor


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