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Prisoner Cell Block H Minisode 10

Towatch more episodes of Prisoner Cell Block H, you can order a DVD set here: The audience introduction to the world of Wentworth Detention Centre involved the arrival of two new prisoners, Karen Travers (Peta Toppano) and Lynn Warner (Kerry Armstrong). Travers had been indicted for the murder of her husband, while Warner protested their innocence, after he condemned the kidnapping and attempted murder of a child. Both women are the maximum security prison wing (H Block) is sentwhere they are horrified by their new environment. Karen finds himself face-to-face with a former lover, a prison doctor Greg Miller (Barry Quin), and is sexually harassed by her violent, bullying lesbian cellmates, Franky Doyle (Carol Burns). Lynn finds himself ostracized by the other prisoners because of their crime (prison inmates are known for their intolerance for criminals who commit crimes against children) and is terrorized by the prison top dog, the self-styled Queen Bea Smith(Val Lehman), who accidentally burns her hand in the laundry steam press in one of the most iconic scenes series. The other prisoners are rather less volatile, the elderly, including people, garden-loving mother Jeanette Brooks (Mary Ward), a bickering "Comic Relief" Double Act with teddy-clutching misfit Doreen Anderson (Colette Mann) and old lag Lizzie Birds Worth (Sheila Florance), and seductive prostitute Marilyn Mason (Margaret Laurence), the electrician Eddie Cook (Richard Moir) attracts the amorous


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