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Mary Travers Memorial The land was for You Made Me, and

Mary Travers memorial at Riverside Church, New York 10th November, 2009. The group finale .. with Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey, Judy Collins, Tom Paxton, Theodore Bikel, Tom Chapin, and Rutha Harris, one of the original members of the Freedom Singers.


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Leaving On A Jet Plane-Peter, Paul and Mary

live, Peter, Paul and Mary

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Mary Poppins: Mary Poppins Le retour: updating original: chanson en français par Jeanne

Mary Poppins: Chant et de la Comédie musicale original protégé exclusive "Le Retour de Mary Poppins" joué en 2009 en France. Mary Poppins Back (back) to come. Une comédie musicale jamais réalisée auparavant, fruit d'une adaptation du second volume de l'auteur Pamela Travers Lindon ….

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Jim Masters TV News Reporter-Close-Up TV News Network-ION

Jim Masters TV News Report segment from the TV news magazine "Close Up On America's Business" on the Pax TV Network

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Re: Mary Poppins Part 06

Video Cam Direct Upload

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The Halloween Toga Costume

Toga costumes are not so obvious a choice for Halloween but for simplicity you can’t beat them. Since the days of John Belushi and the Animal House movie, these costumes have become associated with college Toga parties all over the world. But that’s no reason not to consider as a viable choice for Halloween – maybe with a few twists.

Forget The Old Sheet Idea

White is the most common color for toga costumes because people commonly throw on an old sheet they have lying around the house. However, leaves can not use the best materials for their shape is square. You are better off with a long, narrow strips of cloth. Even if you do not use old sheets lying around, you find that it usually cheaper to a piece of cloth from a store than buy a new sheet to buy. So, to save, all in all, buying some cloth from a fabric is a better option.

Go on a length of fabric

Most of the instructions for making a toga recommendYou buy 4-6 yards of fabric. Most people find that 4 feet is sufficient, but obviously it will be on your size and how to ensure that you depend on to cover your bits! Allow 3 feet of cloth wrapped around the waist. If you start with a toga from the waist and work on the shoulder, you have to wrap it around one and a half and then have time to spare tissue to throw over his shoulder. A good rule of thumb is about 1 meter of fabric per foot of the buywearer’s height, taking 6 yards as the maximum.

To make the toga more suitable for Halloween you could choose an orange or black fabric or one of those patterns that comes out specifically at this time of year – a pumpkin or witch design for example.

Assembling Your Halloween Toga Costume

The next consideration for your toga costume is what you are going to wear underneath it. If, anything! Long t-shirts and shorts are usually a good idea, especially if, like me, you live in a colder climate. Besides, you are free, as much as you indulge without fear of falling off your costume at an inopportune moment like.

The Man's Toga Firstly pin down one end of the cloth around the waist. Then they wrap around at least one more time, the length hanging down to the knees. Pin back the toga at the waist so that it remains in position. Throw the rest of the fabric over one shoulder, and apart from a few accessories, you are readyto go.

Complete your outfit with leather sandals, bracelets made of cardboard, a cord belt around the waist, in which a plastic sword, a shield and a laurel leaf crown also easily from a piece of cardboard stock.

Woman's Toga Toga create a costume for a woman is comparable to that of a man but begins at the shoulders, rather than the waist. Start by pinning the material can only be guaranteed under the armpits, the cloth that hangs to the knees. Wrap the fabric aroundyour body again and pin into place making sure the fabric is secure. Drape the remaining cloth over your shoulder and your toga is ready to acessorize.

Take advantage of your feminine shape by using small horizontal bands made from chain, leather or ribbon to accentuate your bust (using a criss-cross) and your waistline. Wear high-heeled shoes if you’re comfortable in them.

Whether male or female, adding orange and black touches will ensure your toga costume has a Halloween flavor.

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Let It Rain

Poverty in the world – Reaching Out to the needy

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Mary Travers – and when I die

PLEASE NOTE: I upload my shared between several channels bookmark this link into your browser instant access to an index of links to all John1948's Oldies Classics. LINK: With her long, flowing blonde hair and crystal-clear soprano voice, Mary Travers was a major influence on the folk music of the 1960s and early 70s. As a founding member of Peter, Paul & Mary, Travers was not only one of the most commercially successful folk performers, but used their positionbecome an inspirational political spokesperson. Together with Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey, Travers performed at Civil Rights rallies with Dr. Martin Luther King in Birmingham, Alabama, and Washington, DC, and later in numerous anti-Vietnam War demonstrations, fund-raisers and teach-ins. In the 80s, after a break to work together for most of the previous decade, was she and her longtime performance partners heavily involved with this, the awareness of Americans aboutHuman rights abuses in Latin America. A native of Louisville, KY and the daughter of the journalist, grew Travers in New York's Greenwich Village, where the combination of their parents' occupations and the tolerant, relatively free-spirited atmosphere of the neighborhood in which they had lived a profound impact on their sense about art, life and living. As a teenager, she was enchanted also played with the American folk songs by the Weavers, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie. While in high

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A Tribute to the Pack, 01/21/2008

A pleasant musical tribute to the Green Bay Packers.

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