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gone the rainbow Peter Paul and Mary. a bit rough. a favorite from childhood. Siuil ruin (a.ka. Gone The Rainbow / Buttermilk Hill / Shule-A-Roo) Words & Music: Traditional Irish I learned this as "Shule-A-Roo", which is clearly an English phonetic spelling of the Irish "Siuil ruin" like the other words in the chorus. I have the original version I posted, followed by the version sung by a true Clannad & Connie Dover was included. Notice how Americanized the original version (made popular byPeter, Paul & Mary) is! CHORUS: Am E7 Am Am C Shule, Shule, Shule-a-roo. Shule-a-rak Shak, Shule-a-baba-COO. E7 Am E Am FC am when I saw my Sally Babby come Beale in the Boosh-Shy truck Bibble. Here I sit on Buttermilk Hill. Who can blame me, cry my fill? Every tear should turn a mill, Johnny's gone for a soldier. CHORUS: I sold my flax, I sold my bike, but my love a sword of steel. So it is in a battle he could swing. Johnny's gone for a soldier. Oh, my baby. Oh, dear. Gone gone the rainbowthe pigeon. Her father was my only love. Johnny's gone for a soldier. CHORUS: Clannad VERSION: Guitar Intro: e ——– 0-0 —————————– 3 -3 – 0-0 ———-| B — 1-3 ——- 1-3-1 ———— – – 0-1 ————– 3-1 —–| G ——————- 2 – 0 – 2 – 2 ——- 2-0-2 ————— 2-0 – | D ——– —- ——————————————– 2 – – | A – ———————————————- —- ——–| E —- ———————————— ——————-| e


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