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Reflexión sobre el amor de Dios y el trabajo misionero. Personal nuestra participación en la maravillosa tarea de llevar el mensaje de Cristo a los corazones. A continuación exponemos un poco de lo que es Bolivia y algunas de las necesidades que tiene este campo en que misionero Trabajamos. También hacemos reflexión de actuar en el servicio de llevar el Evangelio con lo que tenemos en las manos. Hemos trabajado con libretos que contiene la Palabra de Dios, como en Brasil y Paraguay, peroen Bolivia se sienten una mayor necesidad para un alcance más concreto, en vista de los diversos dialectos, entre ellos, el y el quachua Aymara. En el año 2009 hemos recibido tan poco de materiales quachua por las dificultades de aduana y poco dinero para desarrollar el trabajo. Pero este año 2010 de Dios nos ha ayudado, dándonos la oportunidad de tener mucho más material. A usted que ama ore misión para que podamos tener nuevos ayudadores para este servicio. Bueno, esta es la herramientaque Dios nos ha dado con ella y hemos trabajado. Si usted deseas saber más sobre este trabajo y en el ser participante Escribenos: PASTORPENIEL@HOTMAIL.COM Dios te bendiga


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Les sorties du 30/09/09

Une bonne semaine de cinéma Mary and Max Réalisé par Adam Elliot. Avec Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana, Barry Humphries … Synopsis: L'amitié entre grassouillette une petite fille de 8 ans et un homme de 44 ans, obese, atteint de la Maldi d'Asperger. Tous deux vivent respectivement à Shanghai et New York. 500 jours ensemble Réalisé par Marc Webb. Avec Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Clark Gregg, Minka Kelly … Une histoire d'amour vu par un homme croit Tomenl'amur refer Summer non ce flm leur histoire, mais pas ds l'ordre en amour n'est rien écrit. Le petit Nicolas Réalisé par Laurent Tirard. Avec Maxime Godart, Valerie Lemercier, Kad Merad, Sandrine Kiberlain … Synopsis: Nicolas mène une existence paisible, il a des parents qui l'aiment, une bande de copains chouettes avec lesquels il monkey bien, et il n'a pas du tout envie que ça change … Mais un jour, Nicolas surprend une conversation entre ses parents lui qui laisse penser quesa mère est enceinte. Il imagine panique, et le pire: un petit frère sera bientôt là, il prendra tellement de place que ses parents ne s'occuperont plus de lui, et ils finiront même par l'abandonner dans la forêt comme le Petit Poucet … Pour echappe funeste à ce type, Nicolas se lance dans une grande campagne de séduction auprès de ses parents et tente de se rendre indispensable. Mais en voulant trop bien faire, il les accumuler maladresses et leurs s'attire foudre. Désespéré, ildécide de changer de

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12-string guitar: they trusted in the abundance Go (Peter Paul and Mary cover)

Mary Allin Travers, Noel Paul Stookey, Peter Yarrow (Peter Paul and Mary) with Milton T. Okun wrote to the spiritual Go and tell it on the mountain, it was a Christmas song, the story of the Exodus of the Israelites under the leadership talk about Moses.

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Whispering Jesse John Denver Tribute

Whispering Jesse John Denver Tribute by Greg Holland

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RUS Bonus: When I'm Gone

Mary Travers died yesterday. It takes a lot to run one of the most popular Marys in the world, in a category from the mother of Jesus. So, with love and respect, here is a song by Phil Ochs, which speaks to me, when I think about life and death and the people, the kind of work that Mary Travers does not think so. Rise Up Singing Chapter: Time and Changes, p.229 Chords in the video: D – Bm – / Em – A – / DA Bm – / Em AD – RUS chords: D – Bm – / Em – A – / DF # m Bm – / Em AD – There's no place inthis world where I heard when I'm away and I do not know right from wrong when I'm away And you will not find me singing on this song, so if I do I think I'll have'm gone to do it while I'm here and I will not feel the flowing of time when I'm gone All the pleasures of love is not for me when I'm gone, my pen will not pour a line of text when I'm So I think I'm going to do it while I'm here and I will not breathe the air, drink when I'm gone and I can not even Worry 'Bout my worries disappeared whenI went to are not prompted to do my part when I'm gone, so I think I'll do it while I'm here and I will not be executed before the rain when I'm gone and I can not again suffer the pain when I'm gone, there's nothing I can lose, or I can win if I so I think I'll do it while I'm here I do not see the golden'm no longer here the sun when I'm away and my night and my day will be when I'm gone Can not be singing louder than the guns, so if I do I think I'll have to do it while I'm gone

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The Chad Mitchell Trio & John Denver – For Baby

Performed by Chad Mitchell Trio & John Denver

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Space down bank fuzz! Fun for all!

Mary Travers 1936-2009. Rest in peace.

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It's a Wonderful Life * HD * – Part 5 of 14

On Christmas Eve 1946, George Bailey (James Stewart) is deeply depressed, even suicidal thoughts. Prayers for George are one of the angels. Odbody Clarence (Henry Travers), a second-class angel, is sent to earth to save him and earn his wings. Joseph, the chief angel, Clarence George's life ratings. As a 12-year-old boy in 1919, George (Bobby Anderson) saved the life of his younger brother Harry (Todd Karns) after he fell through the ice on a pond, even though George has an ear infectionimpaired, that his hearing in one ear. Later, as an errand boy in a pharmacy gave George his boss, local pharmacist, Mr. Gower (HB Warner), accidentally hit a child filling the prescription with poison, while mourning over the death of his son from the flu. From childhood, George is he has great ambition to see the world and to design bridges and skyscrapers. But he has repeatedly about his dream to sacrifice the welfare of others. He lies down to go to college to help in the familyBusiness until Harry graduates from high school and can replace him at the Bailey Building and Loan Association, crucial for many of the disadvantaged in the city. At the conclusion of Harry's night in 1928, describes his future, George and Mary Hatch (Donna Reed) who has had an eye on him since she was a little girl. Uncle Billy (Thomas Mitchell) and Harry then break the news to George that his father suffered a stroke. Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore), a heartless Slumlord, seizes the opportunity to try to

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WLIW injury (with 15 recognized ID), 20 April 1996

WLIW break, 20 April 1996: Mystery – Inspector Morse, Miss Marple – Agatha Christy's Murder at the Gallop – An Alpine Symphony, Richard Strauss – Travel and Entertainment Auction – Peak Practice, 2100 Circle, Opera Imaginaire, Pascavision, Lakmé '- WLIW Reading Rainbow Day Roosevelt Field Shopping Center, Lorraine McGovern, Grandpa Al Lewis, Mary Travers, Congressman Rick Lazio, Papi – Saab Ad -: 15 legal id

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The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Sarah Billington

Me singing First Time Ever I Saw Your Face with 15 years

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