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Alcatraz – Pier 39 and Hyde Street Pier – A Full Touring Day in San Francisco

My very favorite, what in all the years among family and friends who had to do many different activities around the Bay Area to visit Alcatraz and the waterfront areas at Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf and ends with a stop at Hyde Street Pier, a trolly ride up to Lombard Street and walking down the street bent back to Pier 39

Is this part of your itinerary, you need to make reservations ahead of time as visits to Alcatraz vbery are popular and fill up early.They are unlikely to be on the same day to get tickets. This tour begins at Pier 39 area, arrive early, take a walk, get some cheap T-shirts and funky knick-knacks and try the clam chowder in a sourdough bowl or any of the other treats from the fish market, a pier north of where the ships are docked to Alcatraz.

Before going on the boat to Alcatraz Iceland, the head of the non-commercial side of the water pier 39, and you will see the harem of seals, see they have taken over the docks.Although use a few bay touring boats continue this high rent "marina" to start the majority of tenants are very entertaining and charming poems.

The Alcatraz tour is twice as you get "on a boat on the bay," filling two do not miss out on regional activities. When you get to Alcatraz, to be sure to rent headphones in your native language and the tour itself went. The island in the middle of the bay is absolutely rich with interesting history, politics and intrigue,not to mention the setting for several popular movies. Birdman of Alcatraz, Escape from Alcatraz and more recently The Rock.

Backtrack your walk past the fish market and small fishing boats rocking, as they wait for their next departure. Pass the most popular blues bar, where you're likely to live music at 9 clock to hear the morning. The right side of the street has a large gallery with something new and always original every time we give. Pay attention to the talented street performers, street musicians, somePantomime, some shock to entertain everyone!

The roads that you will in a block, dead-end at Hyde Street Pier. Turn right and this huge barge museum tour! Time it right and you can get to docent day when the volunteers are not only dressed in period costumes, but undertakes to answer only the questions in the historical context that has been built from their ship. Ask about the great fire of 1906, and they will not know what you are asking about or related to some long-forgotten lesserFlames. This is a very hands on activity. My mother sewed canvas sails and dad have to help carve large canoe. The hosts are well knowledged offers a fun stop for kids, families and people with tons of curiosity ….

San Francisco is always with colorful old Victorian houses, a beautiful sky-scape and mapped trams. From Hyde Street Pier, it is only a short uphill walk to the tram turnaroud removed. Watch a few laps, then hop on up for your own trip up the mountain. Whilevisit to stay, from Union Square, as we jump off in the lead, Lombard Street (crooked street) and walk up the flowers and beautiful houses on this one-of-a-kind enjoy winding cobbled streets. At the bottom of the hill, turn left and loop back to the Pier 39 area and you have a very complete action packed day.

Many travers is also a trip to San Francisco to Yosemite, we hope that, if seen in your plans, you take the time to visit Groveland


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