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Theme Travel in Switzerland – Wine and Cuisine

Geneva. Gastronomy and wine.

The name Geneva is synonymous with internationalism, conferences and high living standards. One of the cantons of Geneva is the third largest wine region in Switzerland where they want to experiment. This is the home for a large wine community – Satigny. Local food and drink provide an ideal mixture, so the culinary capital of Switzerland, Geneva has become. High-rate restaurants and bistros with classic and innovative cuisine attract a large amountof tourists.

International spirit and openness to everything new, have an influence on the city of wine. Besides the traditional wines, such as Chasselas and Gamay, more and more variants are displayed here. But despite his enthusiasm for everything new, citizen of Geneva, never forget about their traditional dishes such as sausage classic pike perch or Longeole.

We encourage you to visit the Michelin-winning Domaine de Vieux Chateau Restaurant is located 15 minutes walk from theSatigny removed.

Watch Valley. Three Lakes region. The land of the specialties.

Lake Neuchatel, Murten and Bienna form part of the Watch Valley, the field of precise time and a quiet part of the Three Lakes region.

The Three Lakes region consists of French-speaking and German-speaking countries. Thanks to its southern location of the region, is the ideal place for wine production than traditional Chasselas and Pinot Noir, as well as new types that are very popular inSwitzerland today, like sauvignon blanc and chardonnay, Gamaret and Garanoir.

Vineyards in the sun, swimming in summer and autumn with mist covered. In winter, lakes protect them from harsh temperatures. When I came here to get the guests to know the lake of Neuchatel, Lake Biel-Bienne and Lake Wohlen, and their varied local cuisine. Fried pike perch and whine and fish fillets with sauce are traditional and local specialties.

If you go Watch Valley,Val-de-Travers and Vallon de St-Imier, you are in a region of cold meats (sausage Neuchâtelois, Sauccisse d'Ajoie) and cheese (Vacherin Mont-d'Or, Tete de Moine).

Lake Geneva. In the culinary heart of Switzerland.

Lake Geneva (sometimes) as Leman's like a giant croissant between the French Haute-Savoie and the Swiss canton. The name derives from the Roman word meaning "great water". Swiss slopes are illuminated by the sun and create unique beautiful landscape. This is thePlace where many people would like to live. Ski La Cote form of a famous wine region. Names such as Mont-sur-Rolle, Féchy, Epesses Dezaley St.Saphorin and are well known to those who value the Chasselas. Chablis is not removed from the lake, but by the Rhone. The fourth wine region is Côtes de l'Orbe, Bonvillars Vully and north toward the Three Lakes region. Wines of the canton of Vaud will be produced by traditional methods. Local wineries produce multipleand high-rate wines that meet the highest standards.


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