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Three Ways to Recession-Proof Your Acting Career

If you have had a contact with the media these days, I'm sure you've heard that we are in a recession. You may also have heard that the entertainment industry has slowed and that contracts are signed SAG does not seem to be in sight.
Many actors step back from the self-promotion in a slower economy. Many more very end, when uncertainty rules the waves. They believe that they have to cut back, save, and slow down.

While the competition sits back and waits forbright day, is now a good time to develop your marketing efforts to amp and really effective. Here are three simple and inexpensive ways you can create a stimulus package for your career as an actress.

Always Be Marketing

Regardless of how slow the industry seems to be, there are casting directors, agents go to work, and the producers plan to continue their future projects. Your audience is out there, and they need to hear from you. You must be business savvy and consistentlyEven the advertising for your audience. The audience consists of an actor's agent, could represent the casting directors that you can audition and the producers who hire you eventually. Consistent marketing strategy is vital for slow cycles in the economy and also in a fixed economy.

You can successfully self-promote without a fortune. For example, create a blog about your career. Blogging is completely free and easy to do. Visit a website such asBlogger or WordPress to create your very own blog. Is created by your blog, updated daily with news, anecdotes and professional success. Make sure you provide valuable content that readers want to hear. Then invite your friends, colleagues and other industry folk to follow your blog. By creating a blog, you're not only in constant communication with the industry, but you are also starting their own fan base. As your blog grows, so will your popularity. Imagine how impressed onepotential agents might feel when they Google your name and reveals your insightful blog with hundreds of readers. Blogging daily also allows you, your career and provide insight to stay connected to others.

If you do not start with Facebook as a marketing tool now. Facebook is free along with Twitter and easy ways to keep the communication lines open with the people who you may know. Try to connect to the casting directors, agents, producers, and you also want to be fair. Theyjust maybe, how many of them are accessible. Twitter and Facebook can be incredibly networking tools when they are really surprised. These social sites are brilliant free ways to advance your career and stay in the minds of your target audience. However, remember that these business tools, so you think professional and relevant to your career.

You can save a lot of money by using instead of replacing the traditional headshot or postcard mailing with a monthly e-mail.An effective and inexpensive way to reach your target audience is by e-mail newsletter or e-zines. Several websites such as Constant Contact or My Emma allow you to create attractive and professional e-mail campaigns and manage your contacts easily. How do you collect email addresses for people who can take you, they are included in your monthly e-zine updates and stay in the forefront of the minds of your readers.

Always act

While a recession may not be able to walkAccount for your regular acting classes, or networking groups. Here are a few free ways you can have your chops sharp and networking with others without paying a cent.

Invite a group of trusted colleagues to your home and host script readings in the week. They can lead table readings of plays, original works or audition sites. They will not only act, but you will connect with your peers, the feeling active and improving your skills. Put yourself on the tape. Get in front of aCamera, even if it's your own. Sure, if you are shooting for your own project, go for it. I think that the best way to get the career you want to provide it. But let's face it. Not everyone wants to be an actor, filmmaker. That is totally wrong. It does not mean that you can not use your camera as a tool.

Tip: Create your own audition experience. Download pages from Showfax or other industrial resources. Treat yourself to twenty-four hours with the material. Then, a recordSing in your living room. Next, the material and see you give yourself adjustments. You can compare a call back to conduct meeting the next day and with each other. Create your own audition is an inexpensive way to not only your practice, audition technique, but also to really understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This will improve your confidence naturally strengthen your confidence in your own instincts.

Diversify your income streams

While acting on the path to successYou can add a second job, regular income, plus space for concerts require flexibility to act. Instead of relying on only one source of income that you create multiple streams of income to stress, while leaving an established market to alleviate. What skills do you have? Are you highly organized? They know how to retouch photos or create brochures? Are you a good writer or proofreader? You good with children or animals? What skills do you currently have that could be of serviceothers?

Companies around the world, freelance writers, designers, data entry specialists and other experts to professional services. You can register your CV on websites like Elance or Work From Home and generate additional income for your offers know-how to upload a freelance basis.

It does not as old-fashioned bartering in a slow economy. If you can not afford to pay money for a class, shoot a photo, or other service, simply provide an exchange of services. Perhaps you areDrama teacher needs help login and update their contact database. You can work a trade fair with her in the class to stay at work a few hours per week. Maybe a photographer needs to know to help dog-walking. You can trade your time with his dogs for a photo shoot. Bargaining is not always an option, but you'll never know until you ask. Do not limit yourself to the amount of money into your bank account. Think of creative ways to pay for the things youthrough barter.

Most importantly, remember that life comes in cycles. The economy flourishes and then slowed down to for a while, but eventually. Sure, SAG continues to fight in contract negotiations, but finally, the union is, in fact, extend to their contracts with the AMPTP. Things will turn around. They always do. But you will be ready? Have you thought yourself market and hone your craft, and cement your status in the industry? Will you be in front of theCurve and the economy to enable the connection to you? Or will you sit back in fear and uncertainty, until the inevitable economic upturn catches you unprepared, and soon you?

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